21M Capital is an investment firm focused on startups developing blockchain technology. 21M Capital offers its global community of accredited investors, family offices and VCs, access to prime investment opportunities in the blockchain space through an online investment platform, as well as through an actively managed fund- Juno Capital. In addition, 21M Capital provides advisory services to blockchain projects.

With a vast network of entrepreneurs, investors and partners, 21M Capital has worldwide access to funds and sought-after blockchain projects and is viewed as a strategic investor, with value-add far beyond capital contribution. As such, 21M Capital is often involved with our investee projects on an advisory capacity, assisting with strategy, business models, and tokenomics as well as marketing, media and PR.

With an AUM of over $60m, 21M Capital was a prominent investor in some of the most significant blockchain deals in 2018, such as Telegram’s ICO first round of financing and was an early investor in Simplex and in eToro.

21M Capital, founded in early 2018, leverages the accumulated investment experience, methodologies, and investor network developed over 5 years as being part of iAngels group. iAngels is a VC investment platform performing best-in-class due diligence and analytics to enable accredited investors around the world the ability to invest in early-stage technology startups in Israel. iAngels has over $150m AUM, a portfolio of 65 investments to date and thousands of registered investors in 45 countries around the world.