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21M Capital Ltd. is an investment and advisory firm focused on startups developing blockchain technology and digital assets.
21M Capital offers its global community of accredited investors, family offices and VCs, access to prime investment opportunities in the blockchain space through its various offerings: deal by deal opportunities on 21M Capital's online platform, tailor-made managed portfolios, and actively managed funds.

With a vast network of entrepreneurs, investors and partners, 21M Capital has worldwide access to funds and sought-after blockchain projects and is viewed as a strategic investor with value-add far beyond a capital contribution.
As a global leader in the blockchain space 21M Capital works closely with its portfolio companies as they develop their business, and provides advisory service to companies and projects in the blockchain space, including capital formation and token economics, business model and go-to market strategy, fundraising strategies, marketing, PR and HR.

21M Capital, founded in early 2018, leverages the accumulated investment experience, methodologies, and investor network developed over 5 years at its parent company iAngels.

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4 years of experience in the blockchain space
Leveraging extensive worldwide network
Invest in prime blockchain deals
Exclusive to accredited investors
Ongoing investor relations and reporting
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